Bignor Romans, 1st - 2nd July 2017

Bignor Roman Villa

Huge Thank You too everyone who was able to attend and support this weekend at the villa... The excellent weather certainly drew out the visitors, and must be one of the best attended Roman events we have ever had!.

Plenty of outstanding moments combat wise over the two days, personal highlights include: Corvia (kelly Bonner) vrs Achilllia (Nina Mander-Jones) as Gladiatrix (female gladiators); Rufus (James McGloin) and Falco (Sam Dukes) an amazing hoplomachus/equites contest... It was great to see people trying out different weapons, fighting in different combinations and some much improved foot work...well done everyone...

Thanks to Andy Lubienski (Mad Monk) for adding to the displays on Sunday, and great to see Gilly Turnbull again at the villa. Great range of crafts/displays in the courtyard which were enhanced by Helena (Helen McGloin) paintings/Roman Art, and Domina (Toni MCGloin) garden tours.

Thanks to Paul and Toni McGloin for coordinating another great weekend at the villa, to Clare Seaman for some fantastic photos and thanks to everyone for your support, time and friendship. Cheers All