Arundel Castle Norman, 6th - 7th April 2019

Arundel Castle

One of the best opening weekends we have done at the castle folks, with some excellent combat and archery (all knights down both times on Sunday with some really impressive shooting...

As Jack put it I still had seven arrows left, that's never happened before!) I was really impressed at how everyone interacted with visitors and helped out in show and tell.

Some highlights... The Baron (aka Pete Dukes) being invited to a child's sleep over, Papa picking up 3 year old Captain America and making him fly through the air, Sam Miller taking on three children with spiked balls on chain (foam variety) and wooden swords.

After 20 years a member of the audience put their hand up and asked me who I was! The answer, the Steward, at this event, in case you missed it.

Weather held, good number of visitors, using courtyard and dry moat helped with space but wasn't ideal for viewing but a very well done to all combatants first putting on a very good show and yet being mindful of the audience.

Many thanks to all who were able to attend the weekend, all much appreciated.