Hogmoor Heathland Event, 15th April 2019

Hogmoor Heathland

Part of the Southdowns Heathland initiative is to encourage people out into the countryside, to access nature, history and getting active. We've done a few of these now, today being one of the best weather wise, although very breezy and temperature dropped after lunch.

The site was formally used by the MOD but has dense every green woodland, now surrounded by housing and new road system outside Bordon.

The site has a wide range of slides and climbing frames and although not formally open edge certainly drew lots of families out to use them.

So four activities and us in the middle of all of these it was little contest really. Only 20 people came over, but hey, we had plenty of good chats, and plenty of nosh. Look forward to when the cafe opens as hot drinks and bacon butty would have been great.

So great location, excellent company and good for promoting the group, so it was a good day.

Many thanks to Ben, David, Andy and Morag for all your time and support, all much appreciated.