Arundel Castle Medieval Day, 19th - 20th September 2021

Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle Medieval Day (pt 1) Although pretty steady with visitors all day it had a very relaxed feel to the day

Weather good, with sun with us all day but nice breeze took the edge of the heat

Lots of chats with visitors from everyone who were genuinely interested and came over Lots of spectators when we went up onto American Lawn (no timetable or commentatory), and yes I did more than take photos ?? Huge thank you to everyone who was able to attend and support the day, always much appreciated I assure you

Up against plant fair and final Revival Day at Goodwood, with an iffy weather forecast tomorrow, so here's hoping it just stays dry

Arundel Castle Day Two

Greyer start to today that cultiminated in couple of hours of rain but still steady flow of visitors either side of that

Some great fights, and I must say impressive archery, and the hawks were great as well (ably assisted by Kevin ofcourse)

Really great weekend, very relaxed, and well received by the visitors

Well done all. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend and support the event, your time, as always, is much appreciated.